Department of agriculture Professor Kazunori Awaji wins "environmental prize" excellence prize in 2016

Jul 4, 2016

Daily publication industry newspaper publisher offer
Daily publication industry newspaper publisher offer

Kazunori Awaji (Kazunori Awaji) professor of this school department of agriculture food agriculture system subject won "environmental prize" excellence prize in 2016. This commendation is thing for the purpose of planning enlightenment of environmental awareness widely by commending individual, corporation, group, group where result that contribution to environmental conservation and improvement of environmental quality is detected or contribution gave prospective result to.
This receiving a prize corresponds to "development and the spread of production, use technologies of eco-feeding".

1. Awardee
Kinki University's professor Masakazu Irie
Ryukoku University's professor Kazunori Awaji
University of Miyazaki's professor Tomoyuki Kawashima
F F sea Japan's advisor Hidekazu Yamaguchi
(former Seven-Eleven Japan environment manager)
Stock raising, feed investigation place "Mikage hermitage" Ryo Abe
(former Nihon University's professor)

2. Receiving a prize summary
With eco-feeding, shokuhinzan sao is feed which uses, and was made. In the group of Professor Awaji and others, shokuhinzan sano feed developed technique and developed technique to be concerned with use of eco-feeding by stock raising management and enabled supply of use of high quality eco-feeding livestock products for security, relief based on economic evaluation. In addition, we supported construction of networks such as food processor, feed manufacturer, distributor, person concerned with stock raising and contributed to many brand establishment including marbled pork "hail snow princess pork". We spread the use of eco-feeding through various spread activity and contributed to introduction of eco-feeding certification system by product government college cooperation.

3. Comment of award winner
Because study of eco-feeding thought, "it is a waste" to see discarded food, it began. Originally "undue importance" of "it is a waste" is word of Buddhism. In addition, study, contribution to society about eco-feeding is equal to "circulation of meal" that is basic concept of this school department of agriculture, and "quality of Ryukoku University" thinks that common. It was study that we began in detail, but friends increased, and ring of cooperation opened, and it was this receiving a prize. We thank people who were taken care of and thank for comfortable relationship to "person".

4.About "environmental prize"
"Environmental prize" was founded in 1974 when solution to pollution issue was demanded (sponsorship: Kunitachi research and development corporation National Institute for Environmental Studies and daily publication industry newspaper publisher support: Ministry of the Environment). Warming, the drying up of resources, the issue of global environment including the extinction of straight seed add to seriousness and, in today when imminent living environment continues turning worse, protect environment and recruit investigation, study, technique, development of products, activities to connect in the future widely and confer Minister of the Environment Prize on individual, corporation, group, group where we gave epoch-making result to. Specifically, it is

5) Main study achievements of Professor Awaji
Book: "Upbringing of manager ability and leading figure" (single work), "development Requirements of resources circulation type stock raising" (joint work). Article: "Structure of continuation and development of family farming in Germany" "shokuhinzan sano feed corporate strategy in becoming."

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