Maibara-shi concludes inclusion agreement with Ryukoku University

Aug 2, 2016

President Akamatsu (the left) and Mayor Hirao who shake handshake solidly
Ryukoku University and the person concerned of Maibara-shi who finished agreement signing
President Akamatsu talking about significance of cooperation agreement at press conference
From the left Ishida policy chairperson, Ikeda vice president, President Akamatsu, Mayor Hirao, Nishida deputy mayor

On Tuesday, August 2, Maibara-shi (the mayor: Michio Hirao) concluded inclusion cooperation agreement with Ryukoku University (president: Tesshin Akamatsu) as follows
Maibara-shi cooperates with Ryukoku University, and this agreement is intended to contribute to the cause of mutual cooperation, local development.

1. Name of the agreement
"Ryukoku University and agreement about cooperation cooperation of Maibara-shi"
2. Conclusion of Agreement Ceremony
Time and date: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 from 9:30 to 10:30
Place: Maibara-shi government office Maibara Government building visitor's room and 2A meeting room (3-3, Shimotara, Maibara-shi)
Attended by:
<Ryukoku University Ryukoku University Junior College
President Tesshin Akamatsu (akamatsutesshin)
Mayor Michio Hirao (hiraomichio)

In Ryukoku University, we concluded "agreement about mutual cooperation to affect local personnel training", and the Maibara-shi staff was registered at Ryukoku University Graduate School as "local public human resources general study program" of Ryukoku University and we studied and repeated Maibara-shi and interchange. Kiichiro Tomino professor and others participated as people of learning and experience deeply from "meeting which waited for Maibara-shi, and made the basic regulations made" of 2005 start those days on devising the Maibara-shi self-government basics regulations. Ryukoku University and Maibara-shi that had strength of university where cooperation was possible in various fields across department came to conclude this agreement in future on Maibara-shi waiting, and realizing person, work wound straight broad strategic view because wide cooperation of various fields was necessary.

4 cooperation cooperation contents
(1) Thing about local industrial promotion.
(2) Thing about promotion of local culture.
3. Thing about education and personnel training.
4. Thing about promotion development of lifelong learning and sports.
5) It is thing about making town.
6) Thing about scientific study.
(7) Thing about local learning such as internship.
(8) Matter to recognize as other need

5 present cooperation contents
They do collaborative investigation about sports science study base invitation, participation in planning to biwamasu farm (provisionally) basics design examination, synthesis study about turnout creation around Maibara Station such as advanced agriculture solution proof study with cooperation contents for the time being, and concrete contents are going to repeat discussions in future.

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