29 people are participation from -9 university held by 2016 "bunkakoryukizunari coordinator qualification" acquisition curriculum (for a short term intensive seminar)

Sep 16, 2016

State of classroom before result announcement preparations
International department Professor Matsui who gives a prior explanation
Participation students working on making of result announcement document
Document making while we discuss in each group

For a short term intensive seminar that was part of Japan Society for Intercultural Studies "bunkakoryukizunari coordinator" authorization curriculum lasted for seven days of from 4 to 10 on September and was carried out in Ryukoku University.
We join a variety of culture together while globalization advances in every field and promote kizunari of new culture, and role of practitioner who social, contributes is expected. Besides, it ties up past and present and the future, and, area and area, area and the world, it is "bunkakoryukizunari coordinator" (ICCO) that wrestle in grasp and solution of various problems to exist there and discovery of possibility.

29 students participate in this training from universities with educational program of this qualification of the whole country. Five second graders participated from this school. We perform field work by one set of team and announce the result for 3 people.

We focused on "power spot" where specific Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine Buddhist temples were said in Kyoto-shi, and there was group which investigated purpose of couple who was for sightseeing to group and Kyoto that investigated difference of consciousness with the Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine side, and which group announced unique findings that we appeared to wait and got in fieldwork of Kyoto in original viewpoint this year, too.

Students who participated in this training acquire ability and field of vision playing an active part in global, and it is expected that we play an active part in the areas various as "bunkakoryukizunari coordinator".

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