We sell bread using yeast which department of agriculture and store specializing in denisshu bread ANDE gathered in capital letter mountain in the Internet or department store from joint development - Monday, October 3

Sep 28, 2016

Department of agriculture and store specializing in denisshu bread ANDE< ande> (58, Shimotobakitanokuchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi) develop soft bread jointly using wild yeast which we gathered in the capital letter mountains of Kyoto and start sale from Monday, October 3.
In late years the making of bread using homemade nature yeast class attracts attention, but can make bread having unique flavor because nature yeast included in natural yeast classes has unique characteristic that there is not to conventional baker's yeast.
Baker's yeast is hypertonic and, in bread process to prepare, receives stress strong physicochemically such as starvation, drying. In the natural world which repeated choice and the selection under severe environment, unknown nature yeast seed strain which acquired strong tolerance for various stress was more likely to exist a lot, and Ryukoku University department of agriculture island Professor Jun and Mr. department of agriculture Yoko Yoshiyama experiment training searched for baker's yeast which grew wild with Associate Professor Okayama Prefectural University health welfare department Koichi Tanaka and others in the natural world from 2012 through 2013. After assuming approximately 400 kinds separation source, and isolating 12 baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), tree, flower and leaf, trunk, fruit of plant such as herb, insect, hive were able to gather two baker's yeast which had unique characteristic more from capital letter mountain.
Ryukoku University and ande start collaborative investigation in 2014. Kyoto-shi industry institute of technology increased from 2015, too and utilized subsidy * of Kyoto and began a full-scale collaborative investigation. From baker's yeast which we gathered, we found baker's yeast stock having superior low glucose tolerance, high glucose tolerance, frozen tolerance, dry tolerance and, using these baker's yeast stock, we repeated fermentation examination and trial manufacture of denisshupan and bread more and performed and succeeded in production of bread which flavor was rich in.
In addition, we sell in ANDE head office direct marketing place from Monday, October 3 and sell this product by special events of the Internet and department stores of the whole country.
※Kyoto economic gardening support reinforcement business (business possibility investigation course) [the enforcement main constituent: (Found.) Kyoto industry 21]

<product contents
 Brand name, Cost: One loaf of use of Kyoto Univ. letter mountain yeast software bread, 550 yen (tax-excluded)
 Production, sales agency: ande
 Inquiries: Charge Ishikawa Tel: 0120-255-535
         Mail: Web:

<sale place, sale Period
 ①Sale in ande head office direct marketing place
 58, Shimotobakitanokuchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi
 Tel: 0120-255-535, Mail:
 (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we become absent)
 Sale Period Monday, October 3 ...

 ②Internet sale
 ande Web site
 Sale Period Monday, October 3 ...
 ③Special event sale in department stores of the whole country
 Yamakataya Kagoshima store Daikyo capital noren city sale Period from Monday, October 3 to Tuesday, October 4
 Miyazaki Yamakataya Daikyo capital noren city sale Period from Thursday, October 6 to Tuesday, October 11
 Ishikawa industry pavilion all over Japan full stomach Festival sale Period October 8
 Tobu department store Funabashi shop sale Period from Thursday, October 20 to Wednesday, October 26
 Tokiha Oita head office sale Period from Thursday, October 20 to Wednesday, October 26
 Sogo Chiba shop sale Period from Tuesday, October 25 to Monday, October 31
 Kamigamo Shrine Kyoto Bakery Festival sale Period from Saturday, October 29 to Sunday, October 30
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