We carry out lecture to Tadashi Izumitani Kiuji department of agriculture student of Chairperson and CEO representative director of “ Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. Corporation thinking about ""new agrobusiness"

Oct 14, 2016

On Thursday, October 13, 2016, we invited Tadashi Izumitani Kiuji of Chairperson and CEO representative director of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. Corporation which was Asahi Breweries, pure holding company of Asahi group including Asahi Soft Drinks, and problem about environment and food which surrounded agriculture in these days had, besides, you give a lecture on story concerning "meal" and "food culture" of Japan and all the countries of the world.

 Agriculture develops with characteristic of natural environments and historic process, social organization and becomes base forming characteristic food culture and meal taste in each area. Domestic food self-sufficiency ratio was less than 40% and thought about meal including the present conditions, water problem, gluttony and starvation of our country where we depended on for most of food production to use abroad and global problem of agriculture how, or it was at good opportunity when student thought about carrier of study theme and oneself future.

Student comment that we participated in
"We saw problem of agriculture, vision to the future. As for the agriculture, help uo felt world life."
"We asked Chairperson Izumitani about what was expected for us when "we want you to bring about new business model", and will to learn at university increased still more."
"Story of agriculture reform that fixed its eyes on the future was plain, and splendor of uncertain agriculture and problem to have became clear so far."
"It was contents which reconsidered reason to learn in department of agriculture food agriculture system subject. We want to change Japanese agriculture."

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