In wind music contest national brass band club gold medal receiving a prize (two years in a row .10 times of eyes) [student part]

Nov 2, 2016

The district of university of the 64th all-Japan wind music contest (All Japan Band Association, Asahi Shimbun sponsorship) was opened at Kanazawa opera seat of Ishikawa on 29th, and this school where we participated in as Kansai representative shined in the tenth gold medal two years in a row.
Set piece from III "memory ... "country of rainbow of a certain hero and country of ice" freedom music ballet "firebird" of Stravinsky. In "firebirds," all musical instruments let sound greatly sound, and solid sound echoed on overwhelming scale as it did not seem with performance of 55 people, and sigh overflowed in particular audience.
We gained the power of representation while representative school frame to national convention became one in Kansai meeting from two schools and shook off strong pressure by repeating exercises in expectation to gold medal, various pressure including wound region 50 years in the next year two years in a row.
I would like encouragement of brass band club continuously.

[future main schedule]
Sunday, November 6 wind music Festa in Kagawa
        *) Kagawa sun porthole
Concert periodical on Saturday, December 3 on the 43rd
        *) Shiga Prefectural art theater Lake Biwa hall coliseum
Concert Osaka performance periodical on Monday, December 26 on the 43rd
        *) Osaka the symphony hall

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