We hold Silicon Valley design thought workshop in department of science and engineering

Nov 30, 2016

 We invited Christina Jenkins teacher who acted as lecturer of design thought led by the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday, November 23 in department of science and engineering and held design thought workshop by technique of Stanford University In workshop, we gave to graduate student, undergraduate of department of science and engineering, and graduate played an active part in society and teacher of department of science and engineering participated now. Participant featured the theme of "development of new wallet" and learned process of design thought practically. From student, graduate, there were many useful opinions including "we could learn new technique of development of products and were good very much", and this school teacher who participated again was able to know new thinking process that was made use of for setting of research theme and instruction of student.

 "Design thought" is thinking process that is used when we create new product and service and is made use for development such as iPhone or Uber, and the effectiveness is demonstrated. Observing in detail whether people think in what kind of way unlike conventional method after starting product development based on technique and market, and design thought acts of idea start, and make thought, prototype for idea while understanding the analysis, and is technique that develops product while inspecting the usefulness. Program of this design thought is adopted a lot in American university and company and in late years comes to be held a lot seminar in Japanese company for employees. Above all, educational program of design thought carried out in of American Stanford University greatly contributes to progress of innovation of Silicon Valley area and attracts attention in particular.

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