Business Administration Department Shoko Fujioka seminar life is peel of a mandarin orange and plans product development (the second, the third) "mandarin orange dressing" "mandarin orange skin maro lotion" and develops and sells

Jan 12, 2017

 Student of Shoko Fujioka seminar of Ryukoku University Business Administration Department develops "mandarin orange dressing" and "mandarin orange skin maro lotion" using peel of a mandarin orange jointly in cooperation with company early sum orchard (Arida-shi, Wakayama) and starts sale already in sum orchard WEB site.
 Agricultural fan Festa that sum orchard hosts this product development already ※When Fujioka seminar was engaged in no administration, it has begun to be a chance to have offered suggestion of the measures to effectively utilize of "skin of mandarin orange" which appeared as the disposal in artefact manufacturing process in large quantities.
Secondary to "mandarin orange udon which made good use of peel of a mandarin orange of last year," we got cooperation of sum orchard (Wakayama) already and were able to commercialize two newly. As for 2,000 mandarin orange dressing, mandarin orange skin maro lotion advocates 1,000 to the number of the aim sale.
 ※Mandarin orange crop experience event to deepen city and alternating current of farm village to be performed already at sum orchard


1.About mandarin orange dressing
   Brand name: Mandarin orange dressing
   Sales price: 600 yen (tax-included)
   Inner capacity: 200 ml
   We are going to begin to sell: February, 2017 plan
   Sale place: Under adjustment

2.About mandarin orange skin maro lotion
   Brand name: Mandarin orange skin maro lotion
   Sales price: 3,240 yen (tax-included)
   Inner capacity: 150 ml
   We are going to begin to sell: February 1, 2017 plan
   Sale place: Early sum orchard website

3.About cooperation company
   Company early sum orchard
    In 1979, mandarin orange full-time farmer of seven houses is founded as sowakyosen. We establish company early sum orchard in 2005.
    It is industrial and wins "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize" as excellent example in the sixth in 2014.
    It is support company of cooperation business "water cafe of Kyoto" with the Kyoto-shi top and bottom water department which Fujioka seminar enforced.

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