Students from Prof. Akiko Fujioka’s Seminar of the Faculty of Business Administration will Market the “Mikan Dressing” and “Mikan Hadamaro Lotion” They Have Designed and Developed (2nd and 3rd products) by Using Mikan Peels .

12 Jan, 2017

 Students of Prof. Akiko Fujikoka’s seminar of the Faculty of Business Administration of Ryukoku University, will market the “Mikan dressing” and “Mikan Hadamaro lotion” they have developed in collaboration with Sowa Kajuen Co., Ltd. (Arita city, Wakayama prefecture), using mikan (mandarin orange) peels.
 Development of these merchandises began with the proposal by students from Prof. Fujioka’s seminar for effective recycling of the voluminous amount of “mikan peel” waste generated through the production of processed products, ※when the Fujioka seminar became involved with the “Agrifan Festa*” sponsored by Sowa Kajuen.
Following last year’s “mikan udon” noodles made by using mikan peels, this year, two merchandises using mikan peels were developed in collaboration with Sowa Kajuen (Wakayama prefecture) . The students target at selling 2,000 bottles of the “Mikan dressing” and 1,000 bottles of the “Mikan Hadamaro lotion”.
 ※A mikan harvesting event that takes place at Soka Kajuen to promote interactions between cities and farming villages.


1.Mikan dressing
   Product name: Mikan dressing
   Sale price: 600 yen (including tax)
   Content: 150ml 200ml
   Planned sales date: Feb, 2017
   Sales venue: TBD

2.Mikan Hadamaro lotion
   Product name: Mikan Hadamaro lotion
   Sale price: 3,240yen (including tax)
   Content: 150ml 150ml
   Planned sales date: 1 Feb,2017
   Sales venue: Sowa Kajuen website

3.About the collaborative company
   Sowa Kajuen Co, Ltd.
    7 mikan farmers got together to establish Sowa Kyosen in 1979. In 2005, Sowa Kajuen Co., Ltd. was established.
    Awarded the “Award by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries” as a good case study of the 6th industrialization in 2014.
    The company was also a co-sponsor of the “Kyo-no-mizu café” that the Fujioka seminar operated in collaboration with Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau.

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