Lecture report technical on the 28th Ryukoku University New Year

Jan 20, 2017

 On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, we held technical lecture in Otsu Prince Hotel on the annual New Year on the New Year.
 At this time when the cause 28th of general theme "to join intellect together, and to open up the future" became held, we had you titled than Jun Yoshino of Manager Kinki economy industry station regional economy following opening of a meeting greetings of this school technology collaborative investigation center length in lecture Part 1 saying "we turn to innovation creation" and talk.

 By basic tone lecture, we provided advanced technique for rich social realization titled "research and development of ICT to open up the rich future, and to support" than Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation's representative director, vice-president Hiromichi Shinohara, and it was given a lecture by collaboration with various partners while having approach of NTT which brought about new value introduce.

 Also, lecturer at Atsushi Nagano of plant life sciences department titled from department of agriculture where Mr. Junya Nagase of this school department of science and engineering machine systems engineering department was installed in titled "new robot mechanism that got hint to creature" more in April, the year before last saying "we know inside state of plant from onset of gene", and, in lecture Part 2, Professor Manabu Fujiwara of this school department of science and engineering materialization subject announced one end of results of research titled "invitation" to "archaeology analysis science".

 In poster session meeting place, we displayed results of research in this school approximately 50 mainly on science and technology system including technical consultation by Ryukoku extension center (REC).

 In getting close exchange meeting, interchange was deepened participant of product government college various fields in peaceful atmosphere of the New Year.

 We had participation approximately 350 in the outside in study and were able to be finished in the prosperity.

Lecture report technical on the 28th Ryukoku University New Year

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