Student of plum seminar appeals by presentation at sightseeing in Kyoto supporter system special symposium

Feb 15, 2017

 Special symposium of "sightseeing in Kyoto supporter system" that Kyoto-shi promoted for sightseeing development of Kyoto on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 was held.
 We featured the theme of "we think about sightseeing in Kyoto five years" later, and 4 university five teams announced their candidacy and gave presentation.
 Student (freshman) of keieigakubukisoenshusumomo*nin seminar participated from Ryukoku University while senior and graduate student announced other universities.
 Announcement theme "innovation and succession ~ of traditional industry of presence - Kyoto of foreign tourist." All the seminar life that we participated in as well as publisher participated in plum seminar in kimono.
 "We define kimono which is traditional culture, culture called room play and seeing apologies difficult to approach again and have you enjoy toward not only Japanese but also the foreign countries and want to heap up Kyoto more." We performed presentation that was full of such thought.
 After presentation, panel discussion with the Mayor of Kadogawa Kyoto was carried out, and students were able to have a valuable experience.

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