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Long-Term Plan IV

-Aiming for Realization of Ryukoku University's vision in the beginning of the 21st century-

At present, the University is engaged in various projects under the Long-Term Plan IV (2000~2009).

In this long-range plan, Ryukoku University has started as its vision at the beginning of the 21st century, to become a "Glocal University seeking Symbiosis Harmony" and aims to create the following type of university.

1. A university which can produce independent and humane human beings who seek truth and are mindful of the meaning of life in accordance with spirit with which the s was founded.
2. A university which has expectation from the world to establish fields of education and research on a global level where it is reputed "Ryukoku University is a leader in this field", and to nurture the next generation to carry it out.
3. A university which can contribute to the development of the local community with education and research there as its central focus and realize development of the university by returning the results to its education and learning, and make further developments together with the community.
4. This means that Ryukoku University, by becoming a comprehensive university which has highly advanced educational system reaching a global level, can develop a diverse education system for various students.
5. Further, it also means to become a university where those who learn in the diverse educational system can feel pride for the fact that "I have learned and been able to polish up myself at Ryukoku University".
6. Finally, it means to become a university whose uniqueness is well recognized and whose development is expected by the public at large by the world, let alone by students preparing for the entrance examination.
"Living in Symbiosis Harmony"
In reconsideration of "science" and "way of thinking" in the 20th century, we have declared that the vision of a university is for the purpose of pursuing the idea of Symbiosis Harmony which means that "I am enabled to live because of others' lives and the significance of my being alive is to enable others to live their lives."
With this idea, we aim to nurture students and to create the culture and science of the 21st century which possessed this point of view of Symbiosis Harmony.
"Glocal University"

Globalization is one of the environmental changes that universities are carrying out in the 21st century.
With Japanese society becoming borderless and harmonizing with many foreign societies, the way of global exchange has been changed from that of nation to nation to that of region and region.
The education that a university provides should not be limited to the framework regulated by government, but should be aware of the world and compete with and operate cooperatively with the education systems of foreign nations.

Research as well should possess global insight.
In foreign countries, research conducted at universities is directly connected with the industrial power of the country.
Likewise in Japan, it is important for universities to return the results of their research activities to industry directly and also to be able to respond accordingly to it.
Moreover, research activities are already becoming global and research activities and research results that can be used worldwide are in demand.

Ryukoku is developing this sort of education and research that is globally aware.
We have made "region" our foundation, are seeking "specialization," and are aiming to make this the global standard.
With such social conditions and our ideals as a university, we declare "Glocal University" as the vision of our university.

As for "Glocal", "local" means to grasp "region, specification, and concrete phenomenon" as something substantial, and "global" means to discern "globe, world, whole, and universality". Therefore, "Glocal" shows the way we should progress on, and it can become "the theme, target, and method of education and research we should face.

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