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Features of Ryukoku University

Ryukoku University has its origin as the Gakyuryo, a private school established in 1639 (Kan'ei 16) as a priest-training institute of Nishi-Hongwanji.
Since then, the university has been developing to meet the social demands of the times under the ideals of which the school was established. At present, we are unceasingly carrying out educational reforms as a comprehensive university which has seven faculties such as Literature, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Science and Technology, Sociology, and Intercultural Communication, and also a Junior College.

Realizing "Spirit of Establishment of Ryukoku University" Based on the Keywords "Humanity, Science, and Religion"

In the 20th century, "scientific" knowledge has produced a highly advanced civilization and made a great contribution to world development.
However, on the other hand, humankind has been absorbed in pursuit of profit and it resulted in retrogression against the wish of humankind who seeks for dignity and peace of "life".
In reflecting on this, we propose that what humankind should aim for is to realize a world of "living in cooperative harmony" where all the lives including humans can live together peacefully.

In order to acquire the knowledge for realizing a world of "cooperative harmony", we should learn and question what is "humanity" who creates civilization.
When looking back, we discover that the conflicts and destructions of nature experienced by humankind in the 20th century have all arisen from the arrogance of the doctrine of "for human's sake," which has neglected the reflection on egocentricity as humans' real nature.
Buddhism is a religion that points out the existence of human's egocentricity and limitless desires, and then clarifies its fundamental structure to produce conflicts and obstructions to peace.
When, with such recognition, we add religion (Buddhism) to the academic system which has been composed of only "humanity" and "science" up until now, and make these three areas cooperate mutually, we can open the possibility to create new knowledge in the 21st century.

The view of the world, sense of values and view of humanity based on Buddhism, especially the teaching of Shinran Shonin which serves as the foundation for the school's establishment, can clarify such questions as "What is humanity?" and "How should humans live?"
Based on the spirit on which the school was established, we are creating a learning system synthesizing human, science and religion together, and are also playing the role of a comprehensive and highly advanced educational institution.

Spirit of Ryukoku University
Without Being Contented with Tradition, Aiming for Innovative University Reform with a Mind of Introspection

We have a tradition and history of more than 360 years. The collection of books and documents and the Buddhistic educational concept derived from Shinran Shonin's way of living are the things that the university is proudest of
However, we have never been contented with just our long history and tradition, having always inquired continuously as to how a university should be, and struggled to create an innovative university that realizes academic reform, is quick to respond to internationalization, and has an open-door university toward citizens.

Especially from 1975, with a concrete and long-term plan, we have been aiming to create a university that responds to social and contemporary demands that arise.
And at present according to the "Fourth Long-term Plan", we are undertaking measures to realize a "Glocal University seeking Cooperative Harmony" as the vision of Ryukoku University in the 21st century.

Three Campuses of Ryukoku University with Tradition and Progressiveness
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