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Fukakusa campus

Campus Map
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Fukakusa campus
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1 1号館 Building No.1
Classrooms and Ryukoku Volunteer and NPO Activities Center.
2 2号館 Building No.2
Classrooms and cafeteria
3 3号館 Building No.3
Classrooms and dining hall
3 4号館 Building No.4 Seminar rooms International Center, and dining hall
14 5号館 Building No.5 Multimedia building with computer training rooms
15 紫英館 Shieikan
Office of the University President, General Affairs Office, Personnel Office, Administration Office, Accounting Division, Administration offices and faculty offices

3 図書館 Library
3 顕真館 Kenshinkan
Chapel for religious services and ceremonies

15 学友会館 GakuyuKaikan (Student Hall)
Cafeteria, bookstore and other shops, meeting rooms, and a hall
15 紫朋館 Shihokan
Club rooms and training rooms
3 紫陽館 Shiyokan
Club rooms, training rooms, and meeting rooms
3 体育館 Gymnasium

3 21号館 Building No.21
Audio-visual facility equipped rooms and classrooms for Junior College
3 紫光館 Shikokan
Ryukoku Extension Center (REC) Kyoto, Planned for REC Kyoto, Research Advancement Office, and Labs after April 2003
3 至心館 Shishinkan
Labs Planned for the Human, Science, and Religion Open Research Center and Corrections and Rehabilitation Research Center
a 西門
West Gate
b 正門
Main Gate
c 通用門
Side Gate
d 東門
East Gate
e 北門
North Gate

Faculties at Fukakusa Campus: Faculty of Letters (Freshmen and Sophomores), Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Law, and Junior College

Access map

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67 Tsukamoto-cho,Fukakusa,
Fushimi-ku,Kyoto 612-8577
Tel 075-642-1111
Fax 075-642-8867

Traffic access

●About a 10-minute walk northeast from Kuinabashi Subway Station
●About an 8-minute walk southwest from JR Inari Station (Nara Line)
●About a 3-minute walk west from Keihan Fukakusa Station
●About a 20-minute walk northeast from Kintetsu Takeda Station
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