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Omiya campus
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1 本館(重文) Honkan (Central Hall)
Religious service hall
2 北黌(重文) Hokko (North Hall)
Classrooms <Important Cultural Property>
3 南黌(重文) Nanko (South Hall)
Computer rooms and classrooms
<Important Cultural Property>
2 旧守衛所(重文) Former guard station (now Ryukoku University Original Product Shop)
<Important Cultural Property>
3 正門(重文) Main Gate
<Important Cultural Property>
7 西黌 Seiko (West Hall)
Offices and research rooms
3 西黌別館(仮称) SeikoBekkan (West Hall Annex; Tentative Name)
Psychology Training Rooms, Collaborative Research Labs, and Library Reading Room
3 守衛所 Guard station
2 清和館 Seiwakan (Seiwa Hall)
Cafeteria, shops, bookstore, multi-purpose room
3 東黌 Toko (East Hall) Classrooms
2 図書館 Library

Faculty at Omiya Campus: Faculty of Letters (mainly juniors and seniors)

Access map

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125-1 Daiku-cho,
Shichijo-dori Omiya Higashi-iru,
Tel 075-343-3311
Fax 075-343-4302

Traffic access

●About a 12-minute walk northwest from JR Kyoto Station
●Approximately 5 minutes by city bus northwest from JR Kyoto Station
●About a 20-minute walk west from Keihan Shichijo Station
●Approximately 5 minutes by bus west from Keihan Shichijo Station
●About a 20-minute walk south from Hankyu Omiya Station
●Approximately 5 minutes by bus south from Hankyu Omiya Station

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