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Seta Campus
Campus Map Seta campus

1 1号館 Building No.1
Mainly classrooms and laboratories for the Faculty of Science and Technology
2 2号館 Building No.2
Mainly computer rooms and LL room for the Faculty of Science and Social Welfare
3 3号館 Building No.3
Mainly classrooms and computer rooms for the Faculty of Intercultural Communication
2 4号館 Building No.4
Classrooms, administration offices, health care center, and faculty offices
3 5号館 Building No.5
Club rooms
2 6号館 Building No.6
Club rooms
2 HRC(ハイテクリサーチセンター)棟
High-Tech Research Center (HRC)
2 7号館 Building No.7
Classrooms for the Faculty of Science and Technology's Department of Informatics and the Department of Environmental Engineering
3 瑞光館 Zuikokan
Digital Archives Research Center
2 樹心館 Jushinkan Chapel
3 体育館
2 青志館 Seishikan
Cafeteria and shops
2 青雲館 Seiunkan
Cafeteria, bookstore, and shops
3 図書館
2 実験棟
2 RECホール
Ryukoku Extension Center (REC) Hall
3 バス停
Bus stop
2 学生交流会館
Student Association Hall
2 瀬田ドーム
Seta Dome

a 正門 Main Gate

Faculties at Seta Campus: Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Sociology and Social Welfare, Faculty of Intercultural Communication

Access map

access map seta campus2
1-5 Yokotani, Seta Oe-cho, Otsu, Shiga 520-2194
Tel 077-543-5111
Fax 077-543-7729

Traffic access

●Approximately 8 minutes by bus south from the JR Seta Station
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