1. Name / E-mail Address

SUGIMOTO BAUWENS, Jessica / jess[at]

2. Proficient Languages (other than Japanese)

English, German, French, Dutch

3. Educational Background

MA in Japanese Studies, 1995, Leuven Catholic University
MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology, 1997, Leuven Catholic University
MA in Sociology, 2001, Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences
PhD in Human Sciences, Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences

4. Research Themes

Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Manga/Comics Studies (emphasis on sequential art made by and for girls and women) and related fields (animation, fashion)

5. Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Popular Culture, Popular Culture A&B, Introduction to Film Studies, Gender Studies, Comparative Literature, Museum Practice, Japanese Pop Culture (grad. school)

6. Academic Associations

  • Japanese Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics (日本マンガ学会)
  • Japanese Association for Semiotic Studies (日本記号学会)
  • The Japan Society for Intercultural Studies (日本国際文化学会)

7. Recent Publications

  • 「アメリカのコミックス・アーティストとマンガ?コリーン・ドランの作品考察」、大城房美編『女性マンガ研究?欧米・日本・アジアをつなぐMANGA』、153 ? 167ページ、青弓社
  • 「ユーロッパの輸入、再生産、そして逆輸入と再々生産?ゴスロリ・ファッションをめぐって」、日本記号学会編『着ること/脱ぐことの記号論』、85 ? 96ページ、2014年、新曜社
  • Manga Studies #3: On BL manga research in Japanese by Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto

8. Links

Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto