XU, Guanghui

1. Name / E-mail Address

XU, Guanghui / xgh[at]world.ryukoku.ac.jp

2. Proficient Languages (other than Japanese)

Chinese, Korean

3. Educational Background

Jilin University
1983-1995 Full-time lecturer in Archaeology
1983-1993 Master Degree and Ph.D. in Archaeology
1979-1983 Bachelor of Archaeology

4. Research Themes

Archaeology and cultural exchange in Eastern Asia

5. Courses Taught

  • History and Culture in Northeast Asia
  • History and Culture in Eastern Asia

6. Academic Associations

  • The Institute of Archaeology Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Japan Society for Chinese Archaeology
  • Society of Archaeology Studies
  • The Institute of Eastern Culture

7. Recent Publications

  • Guanghui Xu, Treatise Collection on Ancient Culture in Northeastern Asia, Kitakyushu Chugoku Shoten (2008)
  • Guanghui Xu, “The Discovery of The Mound of Caocao,” In: Wa and China That Connected By The Sea: The World Surrounding Yamataikoku, Ed. by Archaeological Institute of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture, Shinsensha (2013) pp.120-136.
  • Guanghui Xu, “Mound Paintings and Buddhist Belief of Northern Wei,” In: Festschrift in Honor of Zhongpei Zhang’s Eightieth Birthday, Ed. By School of Archaeology, Jilin University, Science Press (2014) pp.478-490

8. Links

Xu Guanghui