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Open Research Center for Development System and Public Policy

The Center conducts studies and proposes a comprehensive social system to develop human resources and public policy of the local community which can shoulder a local community after decentralization.

It is a research organization for the international joint research project which the human resources from a wide range of fields, such as the researchers of each country, the local government personnel, the non-profit organizations (NPO) and the authorized organizations cooperatively implement. It was adopted as a preparatory activity for the open research center of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2003.

Ryukoku University has so far actively contributed to the nurturing of human resources and the decision of public policy by the local community, the international regional development and so on under the international view through a wide range of relationships of cooperation and co-action with local governments, non-profit organizations (NPO), and nongovernmental organizations (NGO).

From the accumulation of its experience, it has concluded in recognizing that it is urgently required to develop conventional individual cooperation between universities and local communities into a system for the development of human resources and public policy which can respond to social evaluation at a higher level.

At this center, under the research system functionally combined with international joint research and practice in the local community in order to achieve the above-stated purpose, it does international comparison and actual state analysis about the human resources development system and makes proposals about the system design of the human resources development system of Japan based on it, and then proceeds with activities to put these results in practice and verify them in various cases of the participatory type development in Asia.