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Corrections and Rehabilitation Research Center

Japan's First Criminal Justice Research Institute

The Corrections and Rehabilitation Curriculum, created in 1977, has produced many graduates in this field. The program has actively organized volunteer initiatives with pastoral counselors and probation officers as well as offered lifelong learning opportunities for the general public. The successes of the initial curriculum has led to the establishment of the Corrections and Rehabilitation Research Center to further advance study in this area. Japan's first specially developed research center in the field of criminal justice, the New Corrections and Rehabilitation Project for the 21st Century, has been inaugurated to respond to the growing need to examine the issues facing society today. Composed of three areas of study,"Treatment and Policies," "Science and Information," and "Public Relations and Liaison," the Project involves cooperation between researchers and professionals from a wide field of studies including law, sociology, psychology, education, and religion. In addition to providing practical policy advice, Center activities include publishing the Kyosei koza(Reform Curriculum) newsletter (since 1978), inviting overseas researchers, and organizing study groups and symposiums.

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