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Open Research Center for Humanities, Science, and Religion

Comprehensive Research in the Human Sciences Based on a Buddhist Life View

In dealing with contemporary issues such as Religion and Science, Bioethics, Social Welfare, Environment, Peace, and Symbiosis, we have opened the way to problem resolution by reaching out to the world with our university's founding spirit of Buddhism. The project, Comprehensive Research of the Human Sciences through a Buddhist Life View, explores four joint research themes through a core study of Humanities, Science, and Religion as well as through the studies on Buddhism and Bioethics, Buddhist Social Welfare, and Buddhism and Environment. The knowledge and expertise of religious leaders and researchers from the Institute of Buddhist Studies and the University of California, Berkeley, have been brought together in the spirit of international exchange to engage in dialogue and to contribute to the happiness of all beings. The outcome of this research aims to benefit society through the correlative progress of religion and science and the awareness of life's irreplaceableness.

In addition to project development, the ORC Exhibition Hall PADMA will open in the summer of 2003 at the Fukakusa Campus. Project-related panels and cultural properties will be displayed, offering visitors easy-to-understand information on "life" and "symbiosis."