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Open Research Center for the Study of Satoyama and Community

The Center conducts studies and proposes a comprehensive social system to develop human resources and public policy of the local community which can shoulder a local community after decentralization.

Name of the research organization

"Open Research Center for the Study of Satoyama and Community Life"

A research and development project name

A general study about a human being and natural symbiosis around Mt. Village -Construction of Mt. Village model for ecosystem protection and environmental education-

Represents (Director of the center)

Miyaura, Tomiyasu (Professor of Faculty of Science and Technology)

Name of the research project

Name of the project Project leader
Research group1:Organism Various·Environment Measurement Investigation Research Tuchiya, Kazumi (Vice Professor of Faculty of Letters)
Research group2:Social Cultural Science·Local Symbiosis Investigation Research Maruyama, Tokuji (Professor of Faculty of Letters)

Research term:


Number of researcher:

32 Person

A characteristic and a purpose of Open Research Center
for the Study of Satoyama and Community Life

A human being cared for Mt. Village (Satoyama) for a long term and was concerned in nature and various forms, and it was nature and the place that enabled coexistence between human beings by living together. It is becoming clear that the variety of a Japanese creature has been maintained by existence of Mt. village.

However, Mt. Village (Satoyama) was left for an energy revolution and an agriculture revolution and was considered to be a target of development with the expansion of a city. It maintain variety of a creature and support human life, and the village mountain where it is thought that it was related to the formation of Japanese culture closely is going to be lost.

By this project, general investigation studies maintenance mechanism of creature variety in Mt. Village, Mt. Village and the history of a relation with a human being, positioning of a village mountain in the modern society. This result is it to be born fruit as "Mt.Village (Satoyama) studies" which is general study about Mt. Village. In addition, It suggest a symbiosis model of the community which assumed Mt. village an axis and aim at construction of "Mt. Village studies / local symbiosis studies".

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology private university scientific research upgrade promotion business "opening research center maintenance business".

It accept a wide talented person of a non-member and show results of research widely and, under the open system, choose a superior study organization promoting a study in "an opening research center" and, for enforcement of a project, help of synthesis and an important point.