Computer Facilities

In this new era of technological advancement, we believe it is important for our students not to be just good at academics but it is equally important for them to be savvy with technology. As such, we try to provide the best possible computer facilities for our students. In all our 3 campuses, Omiya campus, Fukakusa campus and Seta campus we have designated computer rooms known as Self Learning Rooms for our students to use. Students can access the Internet to do research, complete their assignments with Microsoft office applications, printers and scanners.

Location and Opening Hours of Self Learning Rooms


  • Building 5

OMIYA Campus

  • Nankou Building 1st Floor
  • Shoufuu Kan

Regular Semester Time:

Weekdays 9:00~21:35
Saturdays 9:00~17:00

Supplementary class/Examination Period/Vacation Break:

Weekdays 9:00~17:00
Saturdays Closed

SETA Campus

  • Building 1,2,3 and 6

Regular Semester Time:

Weekdays 9:20~19:30
Saturdays 9:20~17:00

Supplementary class/Examination Period/Vacation Break:

Weekdays 9:00~17:00
Saturdays Check the bulletin board


In general the Self Learning Rooms are closed on Ryukoku’s designated holidays,

Sundays and public holidays.


Students who wish to use the self learning rooms have to attend a one time Internet Literacy Orientation where you would be issued a user ID and password to log in to the Ryukoku’s system and be informed about the dos and don’ts of our computer facilities. This orientation is held in April during the orientation period held within the first few days after school starts. Please approach the faculty you belong to for details on the Internet Literacy Orientation dates.


Students are issued a user ID and password after attending the Internet Literacy Orientation. After this orientation, as long as students are connected to the Internet (on campus or at home) they can access to their personal e-mail account, known as Active Mail! which is a mail account for the students to communicate with their classmates on the class content or turn in assignments to their lecturer. In additional, students can also access the PORTA system where students can check the class syllabus, the classes they had registered for, be informed of changes in lecture time or the opening/closing hours of Ryukoku University’s facilities. Students can also access to the E-learning system of Ryukoku University where they can view lectures online. The library’s R-WAVE system is also accessible to students. With R-WAVE, students can check what books are available at which library, what are the new books available or make reservations to borrow the book etc.


Ryukoku University does not have wireless connection campus wide. The wireless connection is limited to certain areas on all our 3 campuses. This wireless connection is only available for use by our students and faculty staff as it makes use of our internal school system known as WRAP. Students and faculty staff need to log in with their assigned user ID and password to make use of the wireless connection. Please refer to this page for the areas where you can access wireless internet.
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※ Please note that not all computer systems are compatible for use with the wireless system we provide. You need to change some settings on your computer in order to make use of the wireless connection. Please refer to our wireless information page for more details.
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