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Accepting Students from Ukraine

The Founding Spirit of Ryukoku University is the spirit of Pure Land Buddhism (Jodo Shinshu). Two principles among the five principles of mind that foster human development based on this spirit are "the mind of 'equality' that respects all living beings" and "the mind of 'peace' that aspires for dialogue and coexistence with all people." We tout Buddhist SDGs under our long-term plan (Ryukoku Strategic Plan 400) looking ahead to the 400th anniversary of the foundation of our university in 2039, and have been devoting efforts to ensuring that nobody is left behind. So far, our efforts include the "humanitarian aid fund-raising campaign for Ukraine" and establishing the "special aid scholarships for international students affected by political changes in their own countries."


On the other hand, nearly two months have passed since the conflict began in Ukraine, but there still appears to be no prospect of a settlement. What is required of our university now is exactly the kind of humanitarian aid that we are able to extend, and the very practice of the "Buddhist SDGs" that we advocate.


For this reason, we declare that we will promptly and actively accept Ukrainian students who have become refugees, and all of us at Ryukoku University will support them in collaboration with Kyoto City and other related organizations outside our university. Now that the international community is in such a serious situation, it is necessary for Ryukoku University to disseminate the behavioral philosophy of "self-reflection and altruism" to the world and take the lead to put it into practice.




1. Accepting international students from Ukraine
In the first stage, students from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, with which we have a student exchange agreement, will be accepted as exchange students in the first term of 2022.

In the second stage, about 10 Ukrainian students, not limited to students of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, will be accepted as students in the Japanese Culture and Language Program from the second term of 2022. After they study Japanese, we will support them to go on to undergraduate or graduate school according to their wishes.

In the third stage, we will first establish a system at our university while requesting cooperation from inside and outside the university, in order to accept more international students.


2. Our support
We will provide support in cooperation with internal and external institutions so that our international students can continue to live independently in Japan without having to return to their home countries. The main details of our support are as follows:

  • Assistance for living expenses (support from the Japanese government or external foundations will be applied)
  • Providing accommodations (to request support from Kyoto City)
  • Identity guarantee at the time of acceptance
  • Exemption from examination fees, entrance fees, and tuition fees
  • * Payment of tuition fees through our scholarship for refugee students, "Special scholarship for international students affected by political changes in their own countries"
  • Providing Japanese language classes (free of charge)
  • Creation of a new entrance examination system to accept refugee students
  • Assistance for international students to find employment
  • Introduction of on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs
  • Everyday life support by our students


3. Contact information
R-Globe Office, Center for the Promotion of Global Education, Ryukoku University
Persons in charge: Hojo, Kondo, Yamaguchi
Telephone: 075-645-7898
FAX: 075-645-2020