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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief: Donation Boxes on Three Campuses

The massive earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in the early hours of February 6, 2011 caused many casualties and victims. The plight of those who have been forced to live in fear of aftershocks and freezing winter temperatures is immeasurable, as their daily lives were destroyed in an instant, and they have lost both family and friends.


Ryukoku University concluded Inter-institutional Agreements with two Turkish universities in FY2021, and has begun exchanging researchers and accepting students from Turkey since this academic year.


Recently, Ryukoku University received a request from these Turkish students and Ukrainian students who have been accepted as evacuees to "raise funds for the victims of the disaster".


One of the goals of our university's education is to nurture "the spirit of Jodo Shinshu," (the founding spirit of the university), and based on this spirit, to nurture "the spirit of 'equality' that values all life". We, who want to cherish "all life," express our deep sorrow and pain for the lives lost. 


At the same time, we ask for the cooperation of all people, regardless of nationality, race, or religion, in providing support for the victims, so that they will be spared and will be able to return to a secure life as soon as possible. Ryukoku University will also take action to provide as much support as possible by gathering the resources of our students, academic faculty and administrative staff.



February 16th, 2023
Takashi Irisawa, President
Eiji Hisamatsu, Dean, Center for the Promotion of Global Education
Ryukoku University・Ryukoku University Junior College


Ryukoku University to Set Up Donation Boxes for Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief


In order to support the victims of the earthquake, Ryukoku University has decided to set up donation boxes in various locations on campus. Donations will be used for relief activities by the Red Cross Society in the affected areas.
We would appreciate your cooperation.


1 Location of Donation Boxes: 
[Fukakusa Campus] Shieikan Guard Station, Center for the Promotion of Global Education Office, Volunteer NPO Center Office
[Omiya Campus] Faculty of Letters Office
[Seta Campus] Volunteer NPO Center Office


2 Installation Period:
February 16th ~ April 30th


3 Inquiries:
R-Globe Office, Center for the Promotion of Global Education, Ryukoku University 



Donations for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief Efforts


The Japanese Red Cross Society, UNICEF, and other organizations are conducting relief fund-raising activities for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster. When making a donation by bank transfer, etc., please make your donation directly to the organization/s of your choice.