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【Summary】Regarding Novel Coronavirus Alert and Handling Policy

Regarding the Novel Coronavirus, the University's alerts and handling policy until this time are as follows. Alerts and handling methods from this point in time will be posted on this page as needed.

To All International Students(Revised March 17)

<President’s Messages>
・How to Spend the Summer Holidays A Request to Prevent the Spread of Infection(Announced August 8)NEW

・Request for support of fundraising to help students during novel coronavirus(Announced May 7)

・Emergency support measures associated with the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19)(Announced April 30)  

<Handling procedures in the case of becoming infected with the Novel Coronavirus or becoming a high-risk contact person>
・Handling procedures in the case of becoming infected with the Novel Coronavirus or becoming a high-risk contact person(Revised on August 8) NEW

<Regarding Measures to Prevent Infection Spread>
・Warning Regarding the Novel Coronavirus (Revised on May 11) 

<For All New Students and All Continuing Students>

・Regarding the University’s Handling Policy from June 19th Onwards (Transition to Level 2) For All New Students and All Continuing Students(Announced June 23)

・【Summary】Regarding University-Based and Non-University-Based Support Services for International Students 【Center for the Promotion of Global Education】(Announced June 5) 

・Ryukoku University’s response to the Japanese government's lifting of the state of emergency declaration (from June 1)(Revised June 1)

・Reopening of the university libraries (on 6/1)(Revised May 29)

・How to Apply for Emergency Student Support Subsidy for Continuing Studies(Announced May 27)

・Rental of Notebook PC etc. as Online Class Tools (The rental fees were revised)(Revised May 1) 

・Provision of a new library service based on web application [for our students and faculty members](Announced April 30) 

・Rental of Notebook PC etc. as Online Class Tools (Application acceptance started) (Announced April 20) 

・University Policy on AY2020 First (Spring) Semester Classes(Revised April 8)

・Regarding Career Center Support [Career Center] (Announced March 31)

・Survey of Students' Overseas Travel Status <For Students Returning to Japan From March 1st (Including International Students)> (Announced March 31)

・Regarding the Postponement of Classroom Instruction (Announced March 30)

・Regarding the Closing of the Tokyo Office [Tokyo Office] (Announced March 30)

・[For Japanese and international students] Measures concerning overseas programs, outgoing student exchanges, etc. (including privately funded studies abroad)(Announced March 5)

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