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(Announcement)Regarding the University’s Handling Policy from June 19th Onwards (Transition to Level 2)

Based on the “Ryukoku University Action Guidelines for the Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infection”, created upon the cancellation of the “Emergency Declaration”, the University is currently at [Level 3]. However, in consideration of the cancellation of self-restraint of crossing prefectural borders, the University will shift to “Level 2” from June 19th.

※As revisions have been added, please be sure to check the contents.

1.Measure Application Period
June 19th, 2020 (Friday) ~ Effective for the time being

2.Level of Transition: [Level 2]
Please note that the level and contents may change according to the current circumstances.

3.Partially Relaxed Restrictions on Campus Entry
Entrance to the university will continue to be prohibited to ensure safety, but the following restrictions will be partly relaxed.

4.Handling Details
Even after the transition is made to [Level 2], Semester 1 (Spring) 2020 classes will still be held online as a general rule. However, while taking steps to prevent infection and take into consideration the safety and health of our students with the transition to [Level 2], we will carry out lessons at the university in stages by carrying out experimental and practical training courses. As soon as details have been finalized, they will be shared by each Faculty Office on the Portal Site.

Furthermore, online classes will continue to be offered in Semester 1 (Spring) to students who are unable to attend classes at the university due to difficulties in attending (students who have returned to their hometowns and international students who have returned to their home countries). Students can rest assured that they will not be adversely affected in their grade evaluations, etc. by not attending classes at the university. (Portal)

(2)Faculty-Organized Exchange Events
Some Faculties are considering online communication planning and exchange events on campus, especially for first-year students. When details have been confirmed, information will be provided on the Portal Site as appropriate.

(3)Extracurricular Activities
If you apply in advance to the Student Office for an activity permit, and it is determined that adequate infection prevention measures can be taken, the activity will be allowed. Please check this link for more details.

(4)Career Center
By applying in advance, both Web and face-to-face formats will be combined to increase contact hours and provide employment support. For more information on job hunting, please check this link.

(5)Osaka Umeda Campus・Tokyo Office
For the time being, both offices will be open for employment support only.
By applying in advance, both Web and face-to-face formats will be used, and contact hours will be restored to the normal state, in order to provide employment support activities.

① Osaka Umeda Campus
・Hours of Operation:Weekdays 10:00~18:00
・Please check this link for details.

② Tokyo Office
・Hours of Operation:Weekdays 8:45~16:45
・Please check this link for details.

One can continue entering the library by prior application (with the exclusion of alumni and REC members). Usage time can be extended to 90 minutes. For details regarding using the library, please refer to this link.

(7)Joho Media Center、Computer Labs(for those who desire a PC for online classes)
Hours of Operation:
[Fukakusa・Omiya] Weekdays: 9:00~18:15 Saturdays: 9:00~17:00
[Seta] Weekdays: 9:00~18:30 Saturdays: 9:00~17:00

(8)Volunteer NPO Center
After consulting with the Volunteer NPO Activity Center in advance, Student Staff Members can use campus facilities to conduct activities.

(9)Office for Students with Disabilities
Consultation will continue to be handled by email and telephone. Please check this link for details.

(10)Mental Health Counselling: Kokoro no Soudan Shitsu
In principle, consultation services will be available by telephone. For more information, please check this link.

(11)Status of Office Hours
Although (3) ~ (8) above describes the allowance of direct reception of students, Faculty Offices and all other offices will remain closed to direct inquiries. We ask that all inquires are made by email. Inquiries

○When entering the campus, please be sure to carry your Student ID Card.
○There may be changes or additions to the above measures, so please continue to check the website.