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(Application Deadline Extension) Student Support Emergency Benefit Scholarship for Continued Learning (Additional Recruitment)

In principle, the student must meet the requirements specified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT). However, even if not all of the requirements are met, one can still apply if they are currently in a situation where study at the university is difficult for financial reasons. However, according to the recommendation frame allocated by MEXT, those who do meet all of the requirements will be given priority. Not all Applicants will be eligible for benefits.

Please note, again, that those who applied for and received benefits in the previous application period cannot apply again.

[Announcement] About Applying for the National Student Support Emergency Benefit Scholarship for Continued Learning (Additional Recruitment)
Due to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus, the National Student Support Emergency Benefit for Continued Learning was initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Below, we would like to announce a second application round, for students who did not have a chance to apply last time.

Again, those who received for the scholarship and were awarded the funds during the last application round may not apply again this time.

1. Eligibility
Undergraduate, Graduate, and Junior College Students who meet the “2: Requirements (Standards) for Eligibility” (including International Students and those currently taking a Leave of Absence)

2. Requirements (Standards)for Eligibility
This scholarship is intended for Students who (1) are independent from their household and pay their school expenses by their part-time job income, (2) have had a significant decrease in income due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, and (3) have difficulty in paying tuition fees even with an existing support system.

International Students should meet the conditions below.
(1) Independence from Household/Payment of Tuition by Part-Time Income
1. The student has not received a large remittance from home
2. In principle, the student lives away from home.
3. The ratio of part-time income to daily living and school expenses is high
4. Additional support from one’s family cannot be expected due to a decrease in household income, etc.

(2) A significant decrease in income due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus
5. The amount of part-time income has decreased significantly (compared to the previous month, by 50% or more)

(3) To ensure “continued learning” from a long-term perspective by coordinating with existing support systems

6. In addition to being in financial difficulty due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, it is necessary to meet the following requirements (similar to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Foreign Student Study Incentives"). In addition, since the university will select with an emphasis on financial circumstances, it is possible to apply even if all the requirements are not met.
1) Excellent academic performance (One’s Grade coefficient of the previous year is 2.30 or more)
2) The Student’s one-month attendance rate is 80% or more
3) The average monthly remittance is 90,000 yen or less (excluding entrance fees and tuition fees)
4) The annual income of any dependents residing in Japan is less than 5 million yen

3. Scholarship Amount: 100,000 JPY   

4.Application Method
Students at Ryukoku University must complete both of the following procedures to complete their application. Only one procedure will be considered as incomplete.

① Respond to the Questionnaire on the Ryukoku Portal Site
・Questionnaire Title:「国の「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』の申請について」
・Once you respond to the questionnaire on the Portal Site, the URL for the MEXT online application (LINE) will appear at the top of your screen.
・Your application will not be considered complete if you only proceed through the first step and do not complete the LINE application as well. Please be sure to complete both procedures.

② Complete the Online Procedures for MEXT through the LINE application
・One online application per LINE account will be accepted. In order to be sure that there are no overlaps, each student must be sure to complete their own application procedures.
・Ryukoku University students must use the link to the LINE online application which appears within the Portal Site (a link provided through other universities will be invalid).
・If you are currently overseas and are unable to complete the application procedures through LINE, please contact the Ryukoku University Student Office (学生部).

5. Regarding the Submission of Certificates
Please check the table on Page 7 of the “Application Guide” (link below) and upload the image file to the online application (LINE) screen of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (There is no need to mail it). Although some of the documents are described as “optional” in this application guide, they are necessary for application, so please submit them unless there is an unavoidable reason.
文部科学省 申請の手引き(PDF)

In particular, please be sure to submit photos of the following documents.
(1) Copy of your bankbook【Required】
※The page with your name, bank account number, bank name, and branch name 
※It is acceptable to upload a photograph of your bank card if a bank book has not been issued.

(2) Proof of Income from Part-Time Work【Required】
※For details, please check the following link “About Submitting Part-Time Income Certificates”.

6. Application Deadline: July 22nd (Wednesday)
You must complete both (1) the Portal Site Questionnaire and (2) the LINE application by this date.

7. Payment Method
・The funds will be transferred from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) directly to the student’s bank account.
・You will not be notified by JASSO of their application decision. The actual transfer of funds to your bank account will serve as notification of your successful application. As written above, those who have previously applied cannot apply again. Those applicants should check their bankbook for a bank transfer, which will be labeled with the JASSO organization’s name.
・Those whose applications have not been successful will be notified at a later date on the Ryukoku Portal Site.

8. Additional Notes:
・The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology allocates a certain number of recommendation slots to each university, so not all applicants will be eligible.
・The student must apply on their own (application by friends/parents, etc. is not allowed).
・Decisions will be made comprehensively based on a review of the submitted documents. Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding selection details.
・If any mistakes are found in the application documents (such as a mistaken bank account number), an email will be sent directly to the student’s university gmail address. Please be sure to check for any such messages.

9. Inquiries
Please make any inquiries by email:
Ryukoku University Student Office 
Official Scholarship Title: 国の「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』

Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies: Application Guide (for Students)

アルバイト収入に関する証明書類について.pdf(136.5 KB)