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(Second Report)School Bus Service Between JR Otsu Station (JR大津駅前) and Seta Campus

(Second Report)School Bus Service Between JR Otsu Station (JR大津駅前) and Seta Campus

For All Students Commuting to Seta Campus from Kyoto and Osaka:


New School Bus Route from JR Otsu Station (JR大津駅前)

<Limited Express ⇔ JR Otsu Station (JR大津駅前) Seta Campus>

Notice of Operations from September

As a measure to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, a new school bus route will be in operation between JR Otsu Station (JR Otsu Eki Mae) and Seta Campus. This will alleviate the congestion of the existing school buses between JR Seta Station and Seta Campus, and create an environment in which Students can come to the University faster and more conveniently.

If you are using Japan Railways and are coming to the University from Kyoto, Osaka, or Hyogo, please use the school bus from JR Otsu (JR Otsu Eki Mae).


Upon confirmation (on approximately September 4th), the schedule will be posted on the University Website and Portal Site.




Quick and Convenient for Limited Express Train Use (Disembark at Otsu Station)

Limited Express Train Time: 9 Minutes from Kyoto Station, 39 Minutes from Osaka Station. Students board the train from Otsu Station and commuting time is reduced.


Bus Stop Location Close to the Ticket Gate

The bus stop is located 2 minutes from the train station ticket gate. The service schedule corresponds to that of the Limited Express trains, so a smooth transfer is ensured.


Reduced Commuting Time from Each Area

Commuting time is reduced when using JR from Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo, etc.


More Economical

Fare Identical to Seta Station – Seta Campus Route

One Way: 220JPY; With Ticket Coupon: 157JPY

Commuter Pass and Ticket Purchase Fee Burden Reduction

Disembarking at JR Otsu Station eliminates the fare required to Seta Station, reducing commuting costs.


More Comfortable

Space for All Passengers to Fit Comfortably

All are guaranteed seats on this bus meant for highway use.


Direct Route from Otsu Station to Seta Campus

Buses departing from Otsu Station will use the highway and arrive at Seta Campus in approximately 20 minutes.

Service Schedule of 41 Round Trips Per Day

The service schedule corresponds to the beginning and end of classes, and conveniently includes 22 buses departing from Otsu Station and 19 buses departing from Seta Campus.



JR Otsu Eki Mae~Seta Campus


2Period of Operations

Class Session Days from September 18th, 2020 (Friday) [No Service on Sundays]



With Coupon Ticket:157JPY(One Way); Regular Fare:220JPY(One Way)
※Use of IC Card Not Possible


4Eligibility for Use

Ryukoku University Students Commuting from Locations West of Otsu Station (Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, etc.)


5Time Required

One Way: Approximately 20 Minutes (Meishin Highway Use)
※ Delays may occur due to adverse traffic conditions.


6Coupon Tickets

Sold at Ryukoku University Coop Convenience Store (Seta Campus Chikokan Building, 1F) Pack of 10 tickets: 1,570JPY


7Boarding Locations

8Operating Company

Omi Railway Company, Ltd.


9Further Inquiries

Ryukoku University Seta Office