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Regarding the Commencement of Semester 2 (Fall) Classes

Semester 2 (Fall) Classes will consist of a combination of face-to-face and online formats. Careful thought has been given to such formats (face-to-face/online classes) while considering the infectious status of the Novel Coronavirus.

The University has established Action Guidelines for the prevention of infection. However, the decision has been made to update some aspects based on the situation until this time. Semester 2 (Fall) Classes will commence at [Level 2], based upon the following Action Guidelines.

As based on the Action Guidelines, [Level 2] lessons will consist of a combination of face-to-face classes and online classes. Experiments, Training, Practical Subjects, Seminars, and subjects for which it is deemed desirable based on the curriculum, will be implemented in a face-to-face format. 

Specific implementation information (face-to-face/online)for each subject will be posted on the Portal Site by Wednesday, September 9th. Thank you very much for your patience.


1. Regarding [Level 2] Action Guidelines (Classes)

Level Entry Restrictions Classes
Level 2 Campus may be accessed.
※However, entry is monitored.
Combination of face-to-face classes and online classes
The following subjects will be held in face-to-face format:

○Experiments, Training, Practical Subjects(Small number of Participants:As a guideline, 30 or fewer)
※Subjects to be designated depending on the situation ※Includes off-campus training

○Seminars(Faculty・Junior College・Graduate School)
※Implemented annually depending on the situation

○With regards to the curriculum, those classes for which a face-to-face format is desirable

※For all Action Guidelines, please refer to the link 『新型コロナウイルス感染防止のための龍谷大学行動指針』 on the following University webpage: 「【まとめ】新型コロナウイルス感染症への対応」


The Action Guidelines level may shift up or down, including during the semester, pending any future infections. As such, the lesson format (face-to-face/online) for each subject may change, along with the level transition. Please be aware in advance.

2.Regarding Face-to-Face Classes
The following safety measures will be taken when conducting face-to-face classes:
・In all classroom-based face-to-face classes, proper social distancing practices will be observed. Depending on classroom specifications, seating will be arranged with vacant spaces, in order to maintain approximately half capacity. The space between seats will measure approximately one meter.
・Classroom seating will be assigned.
・Face masks will be worn within the classroom. If necessary, face shields will also be distributed. Please use them.
・The Instructor will conduct the class while wearing a face mask (or face shield). In addition, an acrylic board will be installed on the instructor’s table to prevent splash infections.
・In principle, classrooms will be continuously ventilated. In the case this proves difficult, ventilation will take place approximately once every thirty minutes.
・Please wash and sanitize your hands before and after each class.
・Classrooms will be disinfected once per day.
・The University is considering ways in which to make face-to-face lessons available in an online format for students who are having difficulties or are worried about attending face-to-face classes (such as students who are at high risk of infection due to underlying health issues).
・Additional infection prevention measures will be taken as necessary, according to the contents of the face-to-face lesson.

3.Regarding Online Classes
Regarding online classes, consideration is being given to hold parts of the lesson in face-to-face format and also make them available for on-demand distribution.
An environment in which students may take online classes within the campus will be created. In addition to the Self-Learning Rooms (computer labs), classrooms with Wi-Fi capabilities in which students may study will be prepared.
Regarding subjects taught online, the current syllabus content (including the grade evaluation method) may change. Please check the course registration information once again.

4.Regarding Semester 2 (Fall) Class Registration
Information regarding Class Registration for Semester 2 (Fall) has been placed on the Portal Site by each Faculty Office. Please check the details (including the schedule).
Depending on their composition, Semester 2 (Fall) subjects may have an upper limit on the number of students who may join, or may have preliminary/pre-registration requirements. Those with preliminary/pre-registration requirements involve earlier procedures than other subjects, so please check the schedule carefully.