1. Name / E-mail Address

SHIMIZU, Kosuke / shimizu[at]

2. Proficient Languages (other than Japanese)


3. Educational Background

1991 BA, Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
1993 MA, Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
1998 Ph.D. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

4. Research Themes

International Relations Theory
Post-Western IRT

5. Courses Taught

  • Globalization and Power
  • Introduction to Intercultural Studies

6. Academic Associations

  • Japan Association of International Relations
  • Japanese Political Science Association
  • Peace Studies Association of Japan
  • International Studies Association

7. Recent Publications

  • Kosuke Shimizu (2015), ‘Materialising the ‘non-Western’: two stories of Japanese philosophers on culture and politics in the inter-war period’, Cambridge Review of International Studies, 28(1).
  • Kosuke Shimizu (2014), ‘The ambivalent relationship of Japan’s soft power diplomacy and Princess Mononoke: Tosaka Jun’s philosophy of culture as moral reflection’, Japanese Journal of Political Science, 15(4).
  • Kosuke Shimizu & William S. Bradley, eds., (2014), Multiculturalism and Conflict Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific: Migration, Language and Politics (Basingstoke: Palgrave)
  • Kosuke Shimizu (2011), ‘Nishida Kitaro and interwar foreign policy: war involvement and culturalist political discourse’, International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, 11(1)・

8. Links

9. Photos