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Graduate School of Policy Science

The Graduate School of Policy Science was established in 2011. The ultimate goal of the graduate school is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. The school aims to foster “Glocal Public Professionals” who can work in partnership with people from the different sectors (local governments, businesses, NPOs, and local citizens) and take active roles in the multi-stakeholder local governing, applying global perspectives. There are two courses so that graduate students can study diverse issues in contemporary society practically: 1) Local Policy Studies Course and 2) NPOs and Regional Government Studies Course. The school also provides a series of lecture programs for a local qualification called “Local Public Policy Facilitator”. It was developed in 2011 by a partnership of universities, NPOs, businesses, and local governments in Kyoto, in order to foster skilled and able people who take active roles in local partnership working. At the last stage of the programs, students are required to take a project called “Capstone Program” in which they organize a team with colleagues and challenge practical issues of local clients (e.g. local public bodies and businesses). In this program, students are expected to acquire practical know-hows on the ground as well as academic knowledge and skills applicable to the project.