1. Name / E-mail Address

TAKIGUCHI, Junya / takiguchi[at]world.ryukoku.ac.jp

2. Proficient Languages (other than Japanese)


3. Educational Background

2003 BSc, Meiji University, Japan
2004 MA (with distinction), University of Manchester, UK
2009 PhD, University of Manchester UK

4. Research Themes

Modern European History
History of the USSR and Communism
Area Studies (Europe)

5. Courses Taught

  • Area Studies
  • Comparative Study of European and American Culture

6. Academic Associations

  • Japanese Society for the Study of Russian History
  • Japan Society for Intercultural Studies
  • British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies, UK

7. Recent Publications

  • “Spreading the Revolution, Assembling Information and Making Revolutionaries: The Bolshevik Party Congress, 1917- 1922” in Peter Waldron et al. (eds.) Russia's Home Front: The Struggle for the State (Slavica Press, 2016)
  • “Stalinism Orchestrated: The Bolshevik Party Congress in 1927- 1934” [Stalinism no ensyutsu to butai-souchi: Bolshevik tou-taikai (1927- 1934)]”, (in Japanese) Journal of Russian History [Roshia-shi kenkyuu] vol. 90 (2012)
  • ”Projecting Bolshevik Unity, Ritualising Party Debate: The Thirteenth Party Congress, 1924”, Acta Slavica Iapinica, vol. 31 (2012)

8. Links


Junya Takiguchi