1. Name / E-mail Address

YAWATA, Koichi / yawata[at]world.ryukoku.ac.jp

2. Proficient Languages (other than Japanese)


3. Educational Background

1998 Bachelor of Law, Chuo University
2002 Master of Public Administration, Carleton University
2007 PhD, Hokkaido University

4. Research Themes

Media and Journalism
Mass Media by/for Minority Groups
Public Broadcasting in Multicultural Societies

5. Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Japanese Society
  • Introduction to Intercultural Studies

6. Academic Associations

  • Japan Information-Culturology Society
  • Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Japan Society for Multicultural Relations

7. Recent Publications

  • A consideration of “Hactivism” and the public interest of the information-culturological sphere: From the perspective of Michel de Certeau’s “tactics” Journal of Japan Information-Culturology Society, Vol.21(1), pp13-20, 2014
  • Corporate Activities and Intervention by the State: Pursuing the Possibilities of Using the Information-Culturological Sphere as a Conceptual Model Journal of Japan Information-Culturology Society, Vol.20(2), pp.3-10, 2013
  • A quest for an "individualized" information-culturological sphere Journal of Japan Information-Culturology Society, Vol.19(2), pp.11-17, 2012

8. Links