Faculty of Policy Science

The ultimate goal of the Faculty of Policy Science, established in 2011, is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. The faculty aims to foster “Glocal Public Specialists” who can work in partnership with people from the different sectors (local governments, businesses, NPOs, and local citizens) and take active roles in the multi-stakeholder local governing, applying global perspectives. There are three distinctive features in the curriculum: 1) to learn how to formulate and implement policies for overcoming problems toward a more sustainable society, 2) to deepen understanding of international affairs and policy issues around the world, and 3) to develop communication ability and skills to tackle policy challenges cooperatively with others.
The faculty provides three courses so that students can approach diverse issues in contemporary society from different perspectives: 1) Policy Formulation Course, 2) Environmental Innovation Course, and 3) Local Public Specialist Course.

Principal Lectures Composing Each Course

Policy Formulation Course Environmental Innovation Course Local Public Specialist Course
Taking a broad view of the world and its communities
  • Urban planning
  • Urban renewal policy
  • Health and sports policy
  • Regional Community policy
  • Comparative regional policy
Helping to harmonize human life with nature
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental economics
  • Global warming prevention policy
  • Traffic and transportation policy
  • Environmental sociology
Preparing to energize towns and communities
  • Regional economics
  • Administrative management
  • Nonprofit/Nongovernmental organization
  • Policy process
  • Public service personnel