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Out of concern for smooth and easy access to our website for the maximum number of people, we have made the following guidelines:

  • In consideration of sound browser users, images are to be embedded text data so that the sound browsers can read out.
  • The navigation system is to be as consistent as possible so that users can easily find necessary information.
  • Web page organization is to be clarified by providing navigation information indicating contexts and locations.
  • Web page programming is to be as hardware (ex. input devices) independent as possible.
  • Information expressed by colors is to be transmittable without the colors.
  • In consideration of visually handicapped users, tabular indexes are to be linked with the data accurately.

How to enlarge text size

On this site, you can enlarge text sizes by adjusting your browser settings. If you wish to change text sizes, the method of configuration for each recommended browser is as follows:

Internet Explore 6.0 or above

Click “View” from the menu bar, scroll to the Text size sub-menu, and select "large" or "the largest".

FireFox 3.0 or above

Click “View” from the menu bar, scroll to “Zoom”, check "Zoom Text Only" and select "Zoom in".

Safari 3.0 or above (Macintosh)

Click “View” from the menu bar and select “Increase Text Size”