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Outreach Activities

Scene from Community Debut Program “Machiya de Udon”

Ryukoku Extension Center (REC)

REC Hall

The Ryukoku Extension Center’s guiding philosophy is a two-way cycle that goes beyond opening up the University’s resources to the community, makes use of local people and resources in the University’s education and research, and then returns the results to the community. The Center’s broad array of activities, made possible by the University’s status as an open institution, centers on six programs; Partnerships linking Industry, Government, and Academia; Regional Partnerships, Lifelong Learning, Opening of Facilities to the Community; Cultivation of Student Ventures; and a Social Welfare Forum.

Partnerships Linking Industry, Government and Academia

Rental Laboratory

The fruits of the University's research are returned to enterprise. Finding solutions to problems faced in the research and development of enterprises with the research capabilities of the University, innovation is promoted by enterprise and contributions are made to the industrial world.
A rental laboratory is set up in the REC Hall on the Seta Campus to support the research and development of businesses and the commercialization from such development.

Regional Partnerships

Bracelets made with Kyo-Yuzen were produced together with local residents and sold at the Kyoto Marathon venue

The University’s intellectual and human resources are used to find solutions to issues in the region together with the local community to contribute to regional development.
The Fukakusa Machiya Campus was established as a center of regional partnership, where collaboration and interactive activities take place among students, faculty members and local residents.

Lifelong Learning

Ryukoku Junior Campus “Parent-Child Cooking Class”

Opening the University’s intellectual resources to the public, Ryukoku University offers a place of learning to as many people as possible. Open courses are held to reach a wide range of generations from children to senior citizens.
REC Community College, one of the largest community colleges in Japan, offers approximately 380 courses and over 9,000 people have attended.

Intellectual Property Center

Intellectual Property Seminar

Interviews on education were conducted on people in diverse positions during the India Study Tour

Collaborating with REC and our Graduate Schools, the Intellectual Property Center's activities include the creation, management and use of intellectual property. The center works to cultivate awareness about IP-related issues by holding a variety of seminars and actively promoting the transfer of technology by participating in various tradeshows.

Volunteer / NPO Activities Center

Intellectual Property Seminar

The Volunteer NPO Center conducts a variety of volunteer activities both on and off campus while deepening ties with institutions of higher learning in Japan and overseas, NPOs and NGOs, the Honganji sect of the Jodo Shinshu School of Buddhism, local public service organizations and other groups. The Center heightens students’ desire to participate in volunteer activities while cultivating thoughtfulness and a general ability to take action and realize Tomoiki (symbiosis).