Faculty of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology is the first natural science faculty at a Buddhist affiliated university in Japan. We emphasize a harmony between science and people in today’s rapidly computerized and internationalized age. Our educational philosophy is to train scientists and engineers that can contribute to advancing technology, and spiritual and cultural wealth.
Science and technology have made great strides in the 20th Century that have greatly contributed to our lives. However, at the same time we have placed an enormous burden on the environment, which influenced our spirituality, our culture, and our ethics to a degree. Especially, the lack of morality in people involved with science and technology has created major social problems. Based on Buddhist thinking, which our university was founded on, and on strong morality, the mission and raison d’etre of our department is to educate deserving people that can greatly contribute to 21st Century society using highly specialized knowledge of cutting-edge science and technology.
Science consists of two main fields: science that developed from studying nature, and natural science, which is inseparable from technology and whose goal is to be a resource in improving our lives. Both of these fields have advanced rapidly. By fusing cutting-edge science and technology, we have opened the door to an avant-garde subject. And by educating the younger generation, the Faculty of Science and Technology aims to cultivate people that can contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge technology and respond to the demands of the times. To this end, we offer comprehensive courses covering all aspects of science by balancing the basics with the applied.

Department and Course Introductions

Our faculty consists of six departments that support the advancement of science and technology in harmony with humans and the natural environment with a focus on key points of modern natural science: materials, energy, and information.

Department and Area of Specialty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Through emphasis on private instruction and practicals/seminars, we will train students to master analytical methods, such as through the basic thinking underlying informatics and simulation technology using computers, based on a foundation of being able to think in the logical way that one finds in natural science fields.

Department and Area of Specialty of Media Informatics

With the goal of creating an advanced information society that is kind to people and the environment, we offer courses on information systems, media engineering, and software science to train people with the practical skills needed in the coming age.

Department and Area of Specialty of Electronics and Informatics

We will train students to master the applied skills that can adapt to the electronics, information, and communication fields through an emphasis on a broad educational foundation fusing electronics and informatics.

Department and Area of Specialty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

We will train students who have comprehensively mastered knowledge of conventional mechanical engineering and the physical properties of materials, controls, mechatronics, and information.

Department and Area of Specialty of Materials Chemistry

With a focus on people and the natural environment, we will cultivate students that meet the demands of the 21st Century through integrated education featuring the basics of materials science and chemistry, as well as the synthesis of new properties, the creation of new materials, and their evaluation.

Department and Area of Specialty of Environmental Solutions Technology

Our innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum teaches students environmental engineering and environmental biology to cultivate environmental engineers with knowledge of environmental biology and environmental biology experts with an engineering mindset.

Faculty of Science and Technology