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交換留学生のGuilさんが新春技術講演会でポスター講演 Poster Presentation of an Exchange Student, GUILHERME CORREIA, in New Year Technological Lecture Meeting

電子情報学専攻の木村睦研究室の交換留学生のGUILHERME, CRESPO RODRIGUES ANTUNES CORREIAさんが、「Investigation of Cybernet Security by AI」と題して、新春技術講演会でポスター講演を行いました。本学生は1セメスタ-だけの留学にもかかわらず、充実した研究生活を送り、講演までもっていったのはたいしたものです。英語であったにもかかわらず、活発な質疑応答も行われました。交換留学生の研究成果の発表の模範となるものです。
GUILHERME, CRESPO RODRIGUES ANTUNES CORREIA, an exchange student at Mutsumi Kimura laboratory in the Department of Electronics and Informatics, gave a poster presentation titled "Investigation of Cybernet Security by AI" at the New Year Technological Lecture Meeting. Despite studying in Japan only for one semester, this student spent a fulfilling research life, and it was a great job to give the lecture. Although it was done in English, active question and answer was done. It is an example of excellent activity of research results of exchange students.