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"Are You a Global Jinzai?"

"Are You a Global Jinzai?"

開催日時 2023年01月28日 14:00 ~ 2023年01月28日 16:00
開催場所 龍谷大学 深草学舎 和顔館B105
お問い合わせ 龍谷大学 国際学部 平塚 貴晶 准教授(

"Are You a Global Jinzai?"

The term global jinzai continues to be ubiquitous as globalization keeps
us hyper-connected as a human species wanting our societies to grow and
be profitable. This means that communicating across cultures, as well as
within cultures will be essential for those societies that wish to
remain relevant and thriving. So, the questions employers may ask
prospective employees are, "Are you a globally competent human resource
worth our investment? Why should we hire you?" This will be the main
theme of this session. Participants will be given dilemmas/scenarios to
discuss, work through, and analyze. Properly analyzing the scenarios can
provide some insight into one's level of global competence. This is not
an IQ Test or other quantitative assessment. Instead, this Global
Competence Inquiry is a tool that can be used to gain a qualitative
understanding of your personal knowledge regarding global competence.
Think of it like this - "How much do I know about another culture I may
deal with?" "How much do I know about my own culture?" Finally, "How
capable am I of communicating coherent and thoughtful responses to the
first two questions?" By the time this event is finished, participants
should have a base understanding of global competence, how the concept
relates to global jinzai, and resources to gain a deeper understanding.

Speaker Profile
Dr. Wayne Malcolm is an Assistant Professor of the English Language at
Fukui University of Technology in Fukui City, Japan. His research
interests include global competence, speaking assessment, and classroom
teaching techniques. He is an active member of the Japan Association for
Language Teaching (JALT), serving on the Board of Directors as the
Director of Program since 2019. Coordinating an international conference
is no easy task, and in doing so Wayne is constantly engaging and
leading people from various backgrounds and professions. He has given
presentations to communities from Nairobi, Kenya, Pakistan, Cambodia,
Indonesia, South Korea, the United States, and Japan. Topics range from
global competence, internationalization, classroom-based teaching
practices, to leadership, and research methodologies. Wayne is also an
avid, but casual runner.

Date: Saturday,January 28,2023
Location:和顔館 B105,Fukakusa Campus,Ryukoku Uuniversity
Contact: Faculty of International Studies, Ryukoku University
              Takaaki Hiratsuka(和顔館429)