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GARC Webinar Series No.2 コロナ禍とケアー ~イギリス・香港・日本の 外国人ケアー労働者~【グローバル・アフェアーズ研究センター】

CARE in the time of COVID-19 Crisis Migrant Workers Engaged in Care in UK, Hong Kong and Japan

開催日時 2020年08月08日 15:30 ~ 2020年08月08日 19:00
開催場所 Webinar 開催
お問い合わせ 龍谷大学グローバルアフェアーズ研究センター(GARC)

In this second webinar in the GARC Series on “COVID-19 Crisis and
Migrants,” we look at how the COVID-19 crisis impacts on migrant
workers engaged in care, particularly in the cases of Filipino care
workers in Japan and domestic workers in Hong Kong, and the
Nepalese nurses in UK. The presentations will not only enlighten us
on their challenges and needs during this crisis, but also serve as a
guide in the formulation of employment and retention measures
towards migrants engaged in care during, and even perhaps more
importantly, after this COVID-19 pandemic.

Countries in North America, Europe, the Gulf region and East Asia have become increasingly reliant on Asian migrants to deliver essential health and social care services to their ageing population. International migration has helped these countries to ease off the pressure of labour shortage, at the same time, the governance of labour migration has been a major challenge for these countries. COVID-19 has not only magnified the roles that these migrants who are engaged in care assume in the host societies, but also exposed them to physical, psychological and other vulnerabilities - long working hours, high risk of infection, stress, racial discrimination, reduced income, among others-, and thus emphasize the need for policy strategies and concerted efforts from various stakeholders to address their issues and concerns.
How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect migrant workers engaged in care and how do they cope with the challenges in this difficult time? What kinds of support do they need and what policy strategies can be drawn to protect and improve their welfare? In this webinar, we hope to bring together scholars and practitioners who have been engaging on migrant care workers issues in different countries to share findings and further strengthen our network for future research and investigation in this area. Specifically, we look at the cases of Nepalese nurses in the UK(Adhikari) and also Filipino care workers in Japan (Oplas and Arcenas) and domestic workers in Hong Kong (Yap).