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Ryukoku University Response to Covid-19 in the 2023 Academic Year

Covid-19 will be classified as a Category 5 Infectious Disease under the "感染症法 (Infectious Disease Control Law)" from May 8th, 2023. In accordance, measures based on the "新型コロナウイルス等対策特別措置法 (Law Concerning Special Measures again Covid-19 and Other Infectious Diseases)" will be terminated.

At Ryukoku University, classes, extracurricular activities, and other activities will continue as normal — with no restrictions — from April 1st (the commencement of the 2023 Academic Year).

However, Covid-19 has not yet been fully contained. It is still important to take measures for infection control. Below are infection control measures for the 2023 Academic Year. Please review the details and take appropriate action, depending on the situation.

<Regarding Basic Infection Prevention Measures>

1. Regarding the Wearing of Masks
Wearing a mask is option and left to individual discretion. However, depending on the content of a class, you may be asked to wear a mask at the request of the class instructor. In such cases, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

2. Washing and Sanitization of Hands
Please wash and sanitize your hands. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the campus for your use.

3. Ventilation Request
Thank you for your cooperation in ventilating classrooms frequently. The air conditioning system provides ventilation. We ask that this is accompanied by the opening of windows.

4. Please rest at home when you don’t feel well.
Please rest and recuperate at home when you are not feeling well, not only in the case of a possible Covid-19 infection. Temperature readers are installed at the entrance of each campus building. Please use them frequently to observe your health condition.

5. If you become infected with Covid-19… 

Please fill out and submit the form→感染報告フォーム (Report of Infection)
Students who have been infected with Covid-19 should provide notification regarding their absence from class to the Class Instructor after the medical treatment/quarantine period has ended (It is also acceptable to notify the Class Instructor by e-mail, etc. during the medical treatment/quarantine period).

 Similarly, please submit this form if you become a Close Contact (until May 7th)→濃厚接触者報告フォーム (Report of Close Contact)
No restrictions will be placed on behavior, but please be cautious. Some may have underlying medical conditions or other infection concerns. We hope each of you will comprehend the situation and treat your neighbors with a heart of "magokoro (sincerity)".