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Statement on the Hamas-Israel Conflict

I am deeply concerned about the recent attack on Israel by Palestinian militant group Hamas, and in turn, Israel's retaliatory attacks on Palestine. Our sorrow and condolences are extended to all who have lost their lives.


War is the greatest violence, and violent acts with disregard for human life are completely unacceptable. I fear that the escalation of warfare will lead to the spread of divisions and conflicts throughout the world. What humanity needs now is a strong resolve for [No War]. What is the purpose of wars which repeatedly kill and destroy? What is the point of a war in which only the dead are counted? All that remains from war is tremendous grief. Peace will never be realized until the construction of a society which places an emphasis on [No War]. To avoid following a path of destruction, it’s time for humanity to gather [wisdom]. Ryukoku University puts forth a wide appeal for [No War] so a peaceful world can be formed. 


Our University's vision for 2039 (the year of our 400th anniversary) is to become a platform which contributes to world peace by fostering citizens with “Magokoro” and overcoming all [barriers] and [differences] through the creation of new knowledge and values. At this time, when the international community is facing such a serious situation, Ryukoku University will spread this philosophy of introspective altruism and promote initiatives aimed at realizing peace throughout the world. 


October 12th, 2023
Takashi Irisawa, President
Ryukoku University ・ Ryukoku University Junior College