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学生レポ3日目:R-STEPプログラム <二条城、マンガミュージアム、薫習館、御金神社>【R-Globe】

2023年12月5日(火)から15日(金)まで、海外協定校の学生を対象に、短期留学プログラム「R-STEP(Ryukoku Short-Term Experience Program)」を開催しています。今回は3ヶ国から10名の学生が参加。12月7日(木)プログラム3日目は、Ryukoku Student Buddies(龍谷大学生バディ)とともにフィールドトリップで二条城、マンガミュージアム、薫習館、御金神社などに行きました。

This is my review of the 7th of December.
I woke up and managed to grab a cold Latte Coffe, which allowed me to survive through the morning. That day we had a full morning of Japanese teaching, which was very helpful because "私の日本語は悪いです".
岡先生 was very capable and entertaining, hence why time passed very fast.
We rushed lunch in order to get going as soon as we could; we got on the train and we were off.
Firstly, we visited the (surprisingly small) Mikane Shrine. I managed to pray there as well as every other temple we visited in this trip.
Next, we visited the Nijo Castle.
I managed to snatch some decent pictures, but this day was cursed with places where you couldn't take pictures (how lucky).
Inside, we saw animals depicted on the walls, while hearing the chipping of the floor after every step we took (such a clever way to find out intruders).
After a brief group split, we went to the souvenir shop were I really outdid myself, buying 3 custom written coins (my favourite being 時間がなかった, which is basically my life summed up).
After that, it was time for the Manga Museum.
Albeit a bit underwhelming (in terms of... purchasing and merch), it's clear the Manga Museum is an important structure that locals should cherish as much as they can, as manga is an art form heavily criticized at times.
When we were let free, we went alongside our Japanese friends to eat Sushi at Kuroo.
Due to a Blue Lock Collab, I managed to get my hands on some balls (that hid inside Blue Lock themed gadgets)
Later we got back to our dorms and I slept horribly.

Still, what a fun day!
Attached you'll find some pictures I managed to take, especially the fun ones with Giamma-kun and Kajetan-kun at manga museum, alongside Yusuke-kun's extreme photogenic presence.