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学生レポ9日目:R-STEPプログラム <日本舞踊体験、伏見稲荷大社>【R-Globe】

2023年12月5日(火)から15日(金)まで、海外協定校の学生を対象に、短期留学プログラム「R-STEP(Ryukoku Short-Term Experience Program)」を開催しています。今回は3ヶ国から10名の学生が参加。12月14日(木)プログラム9日目は、午前中に「Japanese Launguage」の講義内で、日本語でR‐STEPについてプレゼンを行いました。その後、Ryukoku Student Buddies(龍谷大学生バディ)とともにフィールドトリップで日本舞踊体験を行った後、伏見稲荷大社へ行きました。


Today in our first class we had Japanese language. During the class, we went through our presentation, which were to be presented in the class after. Some Japanese students came to help us with the presentations, correcting grammar mistakes and helping us to pronounce words correctly.

Then, on our second period, we had the presentations. The order in which we presented, was random. Some Japanese students came to watch our presentation, and in the end, gave us feedback on our presentations. Many of us R-STEP students were nervous at first, but there was no reason to stress so much, because other people were not there to judge our language skills. It was fun to hear about other peoples lives and what attractions have been their favourite during this exchange.

After classes we had a small break, and then was time for traditional Japanese clothing and Japanese dance. We had many options to choose from, which were all different colors and patterns. In the end, they were all so beautiful and some of us struggled to choose. After we had put on our traditional Japanese clothing, it was time to practice the dancing. A lady showed us, what Japanese dance is like. She performed the dance so elegantly and beautifully. After that we got to try some of the moves ourselves. It was a nice experience.

Then it was time for us to go Fushimi-Inari shrine, while wearing the traditional Japanese clothing we put on earlier. We took a lot of pictures there, as our clothing matched the overall setting of the shrine. We walked higher on the mountain, but as we reached a pond, it was time to turn back. Then we took a couple more group pictures, and after that we returned to the school. It was time to say goodbye to our guide who had been taking us to many amazing places during these two weeks.