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2024年6月24日(月)の12:30~13:15のお昼休憩時間を利用して、瀬田キャンパスのGlobal Lounge & Kitchenにて本学の協定先であるアリゾナ大学生と、タコスパーティーを開催しました!

「It was so much fun! Thanks for everyone!」

On June 24th (Monday), a tacos party was held during the lunch hour at the Seta Campus Global Lounge & Kitchen with students from the University of Arizona, Ryukoku University’s Partner Institution.

A total of 21 students participated, including eleven international students from the University of Arizona and 10 Ryukoku University students. They approached the taco bar in pairs from each institution, and our students were taught how to make and enjoy authentic tacos of both the hard and soft variety. Surprisingly, the toppings prepared for the event also included edible cactus! Many Ryukoku University students tried eating cactus for the very first time, and overall, it was a wonderful cross-cultural experience. For dessert, the University of Arizona students prepared homemade chocolate chip cookies, and everyone enjoyed them together. This event provided the perfect opportunity for Seta Campus students to enhance international perspectives, flexibility, and cross-cultural communication skills.

Some comments from our students:
“The cactus was spicy, but delicious!”
“Zachary from the University of Arizona, your homemade cookies were amazing! Thank you!”
“The tacos were super delicious!”
“The pickled cactus was a great! Let’s meet again.”
“It was so much fun! Thanks, everyone!”