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【To All Students and Staff】Warning Regarding the New Coronavirus (Updated on February 4th, 2020)

New information is being reported daily regarding the the new coronavirus. It is expected that there will also be an infectious spread of this sickness within Japan in the future. Please check the following points carefully and, based on correct information, make decisions and take appropriate actions.

■ Notes on Infection Related to the New Coronavirus

If you have just returned from China or have been in contact with a person who has stayed abroad, please check to see if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms. If so, please follow either ① or ② below.

① If you have a fever (37.5°C or higher) or respiratory symptoms within 2 weeks of entering Japan, please take care to avoid contact with other people, wear a mask, etc., immediately consult a local health center, and have a medical examination at a medical institution. Please contact the medical institution prior to consultation, and please indicate at that time if you have stayed in Hubei Province (including Wuhan City).

② Even if you do not currently have any symptoms, please keep in close contact with your parents and family (especially in the two weeks after returning to Japan). Take care to monitor your physical condition, such as taking your temperature (twice daily, in the morning and evening). In particular, those who live in Hubei Province (including Wuhan City) are advised to refrain from going out, and to strictly observe their health condition while staying at home. If you develop a fever or a cough, avoid contact with other people, wear a mask, etc. and immediately consult a local health center to arrange consultation at a medical institution.

Also, if you are returning from a country overseas, please pay close attention to your health for a few weeks. If you become unwell, please report the details of your stay abroad, wear a mask to the medical institution, and contact the Ryukoku University Health Center.

■ If you are Diagnosed with the New Coronavirus

The New Coronavirus originating in Wuhan City (Hubei Province, China) has been designated an infectious disease by governmental and ministerial ordinance (Enforcement Order: 2020.2.1),and is therefore considered a “Class 1 Infectious Disease”, as defined by the School Health and Safety Act. For this reason, if you are diagnosed with the New Coronavirus, in order to prevent to spread of infection, do not go to the university until a doctor determines that you are cured, and please follow your doctor’s instructions. Furthermore, if you are diagnosed by a medical institution as having the New Coronavirus, please contact the Ryukoku University Health Center immediately. If you can connect by phone due to a holiday, please make contact by e-mail or fax.

<Ryukoku University Health Center Contact Information>
Fukakusa Campus TEL 075-645-7879 FAX 075-643-9909
Omiya Campus TEL 075-343-3322 FAX 075-343-3490
Seta Campus TEL 077-543-7781 FAX 077-543-7783
E-mail Contact
〇 Health Center Homepage

■ Alerts Regarding the Spread of the New Coronavirus

The New Coronavirus has been transmitted from person to person in Japan, but it has still not been given wide attention as an epidemic. As one would take care with regards to seasonal influenza, please consider coughing etiquette, washing hands with soap under continuously running water, and making appropriate decisions and taking actions based on correct information.

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