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[Emergency Notice] Cancellation of the 2019 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony・Graduate School Completion Ceremony

With the increased spread of the Novel Coronavirus, in an effort to protect the health of Students, Academic and Administrative Staff, and all related individuals, and also for the purpose of preventing further infection, the Ryukoku University Graduation Ceremony・Graduate School Completion Ceremony have been cancelled.

The Graduation Ceremony is an important milestone between the end of one’s student life and one’s transition to becoming a member of working society. In addition, it has continued to be a means for those at the university to share joy with students. With the intention of holding this event as much as possible, great care was taken to discuss this issue and an attempt to make alternative arrangements made. However, in the end, giving priority to the safety of students was placed above all else. Furthermore, having no hinderances to one’s new life, beginning in April, was decided to be of the highest importance. Therefore, the decision was made to cancel the Graduation Ceremony this year.

It is very unfortunate and with great sadness that I must send this message to all who were anticipating the Graduation Ceremony. I know that parents and family members were very much looking forward to the event. However, thank you very much for your understanding.

Graduation Certificates and Diplomas will be sent by post. Please check the details provided on the Ryukoku Portal Site.

While the ceremony will be cancelled, I would like to consider a time when, after graduation, there will be a time at Ryukoku University for all in the graduating class and related individuals at the university to gather once again. All Academic and Administrative Staff hope that the students will make full use of what they have learned at Ryukoku University until this point in time, and will serve as active members of society.

February 28th, 2020
Ryukoku University・Ryukoku University Junior College
Takashi Irisawa, President