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Regarding Extracurricular Activities after June 19th [Student Office]

According to the government’s policy, the entire country will transition to Step 2 from June 19th, in which the request for self-restraint in travelling across prefectural borders is lifted for the entire country. Restrictions will continue to be imposed for campus entry, as well as the carrying out of extracurricular activities. However, we are considering resuming come extracurricular activities in light of government trends. However, the risk of infection by the Novel Coronavirus remains. In consultation with the Student Office, some activities by University-recognized circles that wish to resume their activities will be accepted. The activity scale and content must be limited, and it must be determined that sufficient measures can be taken to prevent the spread of infection. Those circles are requested to please make the following preparations:

1.Schedule for the Resuming of Activities
[June 18th (Thursday) onward : Application for Permission is Required]
An “Application for Activity Permission during the Extracurricular Activity Restriction Period” will be accepted. After receiving this document and after consultation with the concerned group and the Student Office, permission will be granted if it can be determined that sufficient measures will be taken to prevent the spread of infection.

[June 29th (Monday) ~:Resumption of Activities]
Activities can be resumed sequentially by the authorized group. Groups that have a well-developed guidance system and can be expected to become role models for thorough infection prevention, infection prevention measures, and their management may be permitted to resume their activities even earlier. The Student Office will continue to receive activity permit applications for those who have not received approval by June 29th.

2.Rules for Resuming Activities
Please be sure to read the “Guidelines for Resuming Extracurricular Activities” and the “Infection Prevention Manual for Resuming Extracurricular Activities” in advance. The necessary procedures are detailed in this manual. Video of the briefing session held on June 17th and 18th will be distributed separately. For details on various manuals and briefing sessions, please refer to [今後の課外活動について] (Notice of Future Extracurricular Activities) on the Portal Site.