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Regarding Job Hunting Support at Osaka Umeda Campus After June 19th

At Osaka Umeda Campus, from June 19th (for the time being), normal hours will be resumed and employment support will be provided. In principle, activities will be mainly focused on the support of students who are job hunting. [Advance application is required]. Please check the following information. 

 Weekdays/10:00~18:00(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)

○Usage of Facilities
 ◇Usage will mainly be for those who are job hunting and those who wish to use the automatic certificate machine.
 ◇Those who wish to use the PC space and free areas must be sure to apply in advance through Ryu Navi (Ryudai Job Search Navi) no later than 17:00 of the previous day.
  Usage Time/Maximum: 90 Minutes
  ※For same-day cancellations, please contact Osaka Umeda Campus by telephone.
 ◇ To prevent crowding, as a general rule, the room may not be entered without prior application. However, in the case of sudden circumstances, please contact us by telephone first.
 ◇ Prior application is not required to use the automatic certificate machine, but those using the machine should depart soon thereafter.
  ※For the purpose of preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, please avoid visits for the sole purpose of using the Certificate Vending Machine as much as possible. Due the current circumstances, all types of certificates are issued by the Faculty Offices and sent by post. Furthermore, the shipping cost will be borne by the University. In principle, please make use of this service.

○Regarding Job Hunting Consulatation
 ◇Advance application is required.
  Please be sure to apply in advance from Ryu Navi (Ryudai Employment Navi) (link)
  ①You can apply for Web Interviews・Simulated Interview ②Face-to-Face Interviews・Simulated Interviews
  ※In the case of emergency, please contact us by telephone first.
  ※For same-day cancellations, please contact the Osaka Umeda Campus by telephone.
  ※Please contact us in advance to rent a booth for Web Interviews with companies.

○Application for and Issuance of Graduate Certificates
 ◇Each Faculty Office can receive applications for and issue such certificates by post.
  ※Application can be made and some certificates used at the reception desk of the Osaka Umeda Campus. However, please direct your request to your Faculty Office as much as possible. Furthermore, please check the [Requests Upon Entry] below before coming.

○Requests Upon Entry
 ◇ Please be sure to wear a mask.
 ◇ When entering the room, your temperature will be measured at the reception desk.
 ◇ Please disinfect your hands with the antiseptic solution installed at the entrance.
 ◇ Please wait for some time if the reception area is crowded.

○ Information on Related Departments
 Career Center
 Tokyo Office

 There may be changes, depending on the most recent circumstances. For the latest information, please check this link for a summary regarding the Novel Coronavirus Handling Policy: (更新)【まとめ】新型コロナウイルス感染症の対応方針について

 If you have any problems, please contact us by telephone or email.
 Ryukoku University Osaka Umeda Campus