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【書籍紹介】『Kyoto A Literary Guide』ご紹介(英語英米文学科 Carty Paul CHRISTOPHER先生)【文学部】

Kyoto: A Literary Guide is a recently published anthology of literature exclusively about Kyoto in English. It proceeds chronologically, from the Heian Period, through to the present day, at each stage providing a short note placing Kyoto in its new historical context. The text is laid out bilingually, allowing instant access to both English and Japanese readers, and often a Romanised transliteration.
This work has strong connections to Ryukoku University. The main editor and founder of this literary group, John Dougill, worked at Ryukoku University for over 20 years together with Professor Emeritus, Professor Itsuyo Higashinaka. Two members, David McCullough and Paul Carty presently teach in the same faculty of literature. One member Michael Lambe, a professional translator, taught at Heian High School for several years. Joseph Cronin, writer of several works on Japanese history, has worked part-time at many universities in Kansai.

『京都 文学案内』は、英語で書かれた近刊書で、京都にまつわる文学作品のみを集めたものである。本書は平安時代から現代に至るまで時代順に構成されており、それぞれの時代において京都を新たな歴史的文脈に置く短い解説が添えられている。また本文については、日本語の原文と共に、その英語訳も添えられており、かつ日本語で読んだ場合の発音もローマ字で記されている。

Kyoto A Literary Guide

Kyoto A Literary Guide
ISBN: 978-1-78869-208-3
Edited by John Dougill, Paul Carty, Joe Cronin, Itsuyo Higashinaka, Michael Lambe and David McCullough
Camphor Press, 2020
Softback, 115 pp